Published On: April 16, 2022Categories: Analog FM and COFDM Power Amplifiers

Advanced Microwave Products (AMP) has introduced the H series Analog FM Power Amplifiers designed to extend the range of AMP video and data transmitters. The HSP1 and HHA1 amplifiers can also be used with most standard Analog FM Video Transmitters.

The H Series consists of:

  • HSP1 Miniature Analog FM Power Amplifier
  • HHA1 High Power Analog FM Power Amplifier
  • HSF1 FSK Power Amplifier
  • HSD1 DVB-T COFDM Power Amplifier
  • HSN1 Narrowband COFDM Amplifier

H series amplifiers are designed to be cost effective, compact, and efficient. The HSP1 is a very compact power amplifier that is designed to be used with AMPs PMT1 Transmitter, or other standard Analog FM transmitters, to provide up to 2 watts power output. The HHA1 is a high power amplifier designed to be used with AMPs PMT1, PST1, VST1, EST1, and FMT1 Transmitters, or other standard Analog FM Transmitters, to provide up to 10 watts output power.

The HSD1 Power Amplifier is designed to be used with AMPs CDT1 DVB-T COFDM Video Transmitter.

All H Series Power Amplifiers are built for rugged environments and are available in many standard frequencies.

About AMP:
Advanced Microwave Products (AMP) specializes in developing rugged transmitters and receivers for UAV, military, law enforcement, and surveillance applications.

AMP’s engineering staff is experienced in a broad range of active and passive RF and microwave electronics and has developed many patented designs. The factory is configured to support total project management from the design and prototype stages through full production.

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