FMX1 Data Transceiver for Drones, UAV, and UGV

FMX1 Data Transceiver for Drones, UAV, and UGV

UHF – L-Band – S-Band – C-Band

AMP’s FMX1 Series 1.2 cubic inch FSK Data transceivers create a miniature, robust, cost-effective solution for remotely controlling aerial and ground vehicles, communicating with remote sites, controlling PTZ cameras, and other serial applications with bidirectional data rates of up to 57.6 kbps.

Carrier frequency, input data type, and data port settings are user-configurable. A 16-position switch accessible through the chassis lid provides pre-programmability of up to 15 configurations. The 16th switch position allows real-time remote control and programming. Data port settings may be configured to Pelco-D or other standard serial UART protocols.

AMP’s FSK transceivers may be ordered with rugged aluminum chassis and military-grade connectors as illustrated or as stand-alone PCBs allowing for custom installation and integration.

FMX1 transceivers are military grade products designed and built to withstand harsh environments. This series is ideal for applications requiring high quality bi-directional data transmission in a compact, rugged package.

FMX1 transmitters can be mated to AMP Power Amplifiers for applications that require higher RF output power.

Available Standard Frequencies

Name Description
UHF (43) 433.0-434.8 MHz
UHF (86) 868.0-870.0 MHz
UHF (91) 902.0-928.0 MHz

*Custom filters are available.

FSK Data Transceiver Features

  • 1.2 Cubic Inch Package (1.25” x 2.5” x 0.375”)

  • Weighs 1.2 oz.

  • Up to 250 mW RF Output Power

  • Port Settings Configurable to Pelco-D and Other Standard UART Settings

  • Full Band Channelization

  • 2 Frequency Selection Modes

  • RS232, RS422, or 3.3V TTL Data and/or
    Comms Formats

  • J-STD-001D Class 3 Assembly (Medical/Aerospace)