PMT1 PCB Micro Video Transmitter for Drones, UAV, and UGV

PMT1 PCB Micro Video Transmitter for Drones, UAV, and UGV

UHF – L-Band – S-Band – C-Band

AMP’s PMT1 Series 0.5 cubic inch video transmitters offer many innovative features, are designed to withstand harsh environments, and are ideal for UAV and other applications requiring high efficient, high quality video/data transmission in a compact, rugged package.

PMT1 transmitters may be configured with fixed RF output powers of 20 mW or 250 mW and an audio or data subcarrier.

Transmitter carrier frequency may be selected remotely and locally/remotely with a programmable binary switch. Other remotely controllable features include subcarrier on/off and temperature query.

PMT1 transmitters can be mated to AMP’s HSP1 or HHA1 High Power Amplifiers for applications that require higher RF output power.

Available Standard Frequencies

Name Description
UHF 340.0-399.9 MHz
Lower L-band 1435-1535 MHz
Upper L-Band 1700-1850 MHz
S-Band 2200-2399 MHz
ISM S-Band 2400-2499 MHz
Full S-Band 2200-2499 MHz
Lower C-Band 4400-4900 MHz
Upper C-Band 4900-4999 MHz
Full C-Band 4400-4999 MHz
5.8 GHz 5725-5875 MHz

*Custom filters are available.

Video Transmitter Features

  • 0.5 Cubic Inch Package (1.16” x 1.24” x 0.37”)

  • Weighs < 1 oz. (9 grams)

  • Up to 250mW RF Output Power

  • Full Frequency Band Channelization

  • Full Frequency Band Channelization

  • 2 Frequency Selection Modes

  • Supports Composite Video (NTSC or PAL)

  • Optional Audio or Data Subcarrier

  • Temperature Indication (Remote Control)

  • Temperature Indication and Fold-Back (Remote Control)

  • J-STD-001D Class 3 Assembly (Medical/Aerospace)