ESR1 Encrypted Video Receiver for Surveillance and Law Enforcement

ESR1 Encrypted Video Receiver for Surveillance and Law Enforcement

UHF – L-Band – S-Band – C-Band

AMP’s ESR1 Series 10.5 cubic inch encrypted video receivers offer high quality reception with many advanced features, including miniature packaging, low power consumption, Micro-View/Audio Lock II Decryption, and low noise figure. Encryption keys may be programmed for maximum security.

ESR1 receivers feature innovative circuit designs to reduce power consumption for significantly longer battery life and to reduce noise figure for more range. Lower noise figure improves video quality and reduces the required transmitter output power thereby reducing transmitter battery requirements.

Receiver carrier frequency may be selected locally with BCD rotary switches, remotely, and locally/remotely with a programmable binary switch. Slide switches allow selection between encrypted/clear video and audio on/off. Received signal strength is indicated with a local display (LCD meter or LED bar) and via remote query. If equipped with LED displays, intensity is controlled by a local pushbutton switch.

ESR1 encrypted video receivers are ideal for law enforcement, surveillance, and other applications requiring high quality video reception in a compact, rugged package.

Available Standard Frequencies

H Series Description
UHF 340.0-399.9 MHz
Lower L-band 1435-1535 MHz
Upper L-Band 1700-1850 MHz
S-Band 2200-2399 MHz
ISM S-Band 2400-2499 MHz
Full S-Band 2200-2499 MHz
Lower C-Band 4400-4900 MHz
Upper C-Band 4900-4999 MHz

*Custom Frequency Are Available

Compatible Encrypted Transmitters

Video Transmitter Features

  • 10.5 Cubic Inch Package (3.5” x 2.5” x 1.2”)

  • Integrated Micro-View/AudioLock II Decryption

  • Programmable Encryption Key

  • Full Frequency Band Channelized

  • Full Frequency Band Channelization

  • 3 Frequency Selection Modes

  • Supports Composite Video (NTSC or PAL)

  • Received Signal Strength Indication (Chassis Display and Remote Query)
  • 12V Auxiliary Supply

  • J-STD-001D Class 3 Assembly (Medical/Aerospace)