L1/L2 GPS Diplexer for Drones, UAV, and UGV

L1/L2 GPS Diplexer for Drones, UAV, and UGV

AFB1GD2X and AFB1GD1X diplexers are designed for use on L1/L2 GPS receivers. When placed in-line between the receiver and antenna, the diplexer provides greater than 25 dB of attenuation below the L1 GPS band and above the L2 GPS band. These diplexers are an effective way to reduce interference from other communication devices that may be interfering with your signal.

These diplexers are compact, yet rugged filter designed to IP67 for good environmental sealing. If the standard diplexers do not meet your exact specification, contact us for a custom solution.

Standard Diplexers

Model Description
ISM S-Band >2.4 GHz
ISM C-Band >5.7 GHz

*Custom filters are available.