SSR1 Scanning Receiver for Drones, UAV, UGV

SSR1 Scanning Receiver for Drones, UAV, UGV

The SSR1 single band scanning receiver is a useful tool for detecting frequency band usage. The SSR1 receiver scans a frequency band in 1 MHz steps and reports the frequency and level via a serial output.

The SSR1 offers many useful features such as user configurable Offset/Correction Factor, Reporting Threshold, Start/Stop Sub-Bands, and Single or Continuous Sweeps.

SSR1 receivers are ideal for UAV, UGV, Military, and other applications needing a useful tool to detect frequency band usage in a given area.


Available Standard Frequencies

Name Description
UHF 340.0-399.9 MHz
Lower L-band 1435-1535 MHz
Upper L-Band 1700-1850 MHz
S-Band 2200-2399 MHz
ISM S-Band 2400-2499 MHz
Full S-Band 2200-2499 MHz
Lower C-Band 4400-4900 MHz
Upper C-Band 4900-4999 MHz
Full C-Band 4400-4999 MHz
5.8 GHz 5725-5875 MHz

*Custom filters are available.

Scanning Receiver Features

  • 3.3 Cubic Inch Package (2.5” x 3.5“ x 0.375”)

  • Weighs < 3 oz.

  • Detection to -100 dBm

  • Accuracy to +/- 1.5 dB

  • Scanning speed 100 MHz/sec

  • User-configurable Reporting Threshold

  • User-configurable Offset/Correction Factor (for External LNAs, Antennas, Cables, etc.)

  • User-configurable Start/Stop Sub-Bands

  • User-configurable Single or Continuous Sweeps

  • Dedicated Command and Reporting Serial Ports

  • Reports Frequency & Detected Power Level (Ex: 4400@-68)